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Why is the Keto Diet good for weight loss?
Updated March 31, 2019
When most people start following a ketogenic diet, they usually find out that they feel much less hungry, which makes it much easier for them to stick to their diet. Additionally, keto can improve insulin sensitivity, which plays an important role in fat metabolism.

The keto diet is typically based on whole, natural food that is very nutrient-rich, healthy, and also satiating. 

This alone can be hugely beneficial, especially for people who have previously eaten a diet that consists mostly of processed foods, which are notorious for having a poor nutritional value and also for messing with your hunger and satiety signals (ultimately making you consume more calories than you need).

Many people find success with the Keto Diet because there is a wide variety of delicious food that isn't restricted by the diet.  Compare this with a normal diet, where many people assume they must eat salads and other bland, boring food for weeks on end.  While this can work in the short term, it's very difficult to sustain this kind of deprivation in the long term.

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